Reopening Strategy

With the reality of COVID-19 and the health impact, fear, and economic disruption it has generated, we have fully relied on God’s wisdom in our plans to reopen Calvary Community Church.  Although the Church never closed, our building was not open for a while!  With safety and church mission as our two primary objectives, we have employed prayer and common-sense guidelines to reopen the building. We rely on God’s protective hand to welcome people back.

Worship Services are held at 9 am and 10:45 am on Sundays as well as online (click here).

Reopening guidelines

  • Be aware and thoughtful of others. 
  • Cover your cough, cover your sneeze—use a tissue or use your sleeve!
  • Love thy neighbor but sanitize thy hands! 
  • Wash hands in the bathrooms singing “Jesus Loves Me” from the start.
  • Use hand sanitizers that we’ve positioned throughout the building.
  • Spread the gospel, not the germs! Refrain from handshakes and hugs please!
  • Maintain physical distancing by moving directly from the parking lot to the worship center.
  • You are welcome to sit as a family leaving two seats empty between family units.
  • After the service, promptly exit so the building may be cleaned for the next service.

What have we done to prepare?

  • We continue to live stream services so that worship from home is available every week.
  • We deep-cleaned the building in March and April and are carefully monitoring rooms that are used so they can be sanitized daily.
  • We prop open the doors about 15 minutes before each service so no one has to touch the door handles to enter or exit the building or worship center.
  • We removed aprproximately 50% of the chairs in the worship center to promote physical distancing.
  • We removed Bibles, hymn books, pencils, papers, etc. from the worship center to reduce transmission risk. Please bring your own Bible, follow along on the screens, or use the Bible app to follow the sermon message.
  • We installed “Generous Hands” giving boxes for gifts, tithes, and offerings instead of passing the green giving bags. We also encourage you to give on line (click here) or text "GIVE" to 262-425-8333.
  • To reduce the risk of transmission, we are not serving coffee after services.
  • We will serve communion using single use fellowship cups.

How can you help?


  • If you are feeling unwell or have health concerns, remain at home and worship with us online until you are feeling better.
  • Limit indoor gathering. You are welcome to visit with others outdoors where sunshine and fresh air can bless us all! (See example at left of our resident sandhill crane family!)
  • Everyone is welcome to wear a mask but we are not mandating that masks be worn. Grace and kindness to others are encouraged so all feel welcome and safe.
  • We have disabled water fountains in the building, so please bring your own water if you need to!


Small Groups

Small groups may meet in the church. Please coordinate with the office to reserve a room, so that we can ensure it is sanitized before and after your group meets.

Food at small groups

If you plan to serve food or beverages at a small group activity, please…

  • Use single serve, prepackaged foods or ensure each “cookie” is individually wrapped.
  • Use a server with a mask and gloves to dispense coffee, lemonade, etc., to limit the number of hands on any spigot or handle.
  • Please do no reuse cups for refills. Each time a beverage is dispensed, use a new cup.
  • Use prepackaged utensils.
  • Encourage physical distancing by separating tables, chairs, serving stations, etc.

Children's Ministries

From May 31st to June 21st, we did not offer Children's Church but rather, we provided kid’s activities as they worshipped with their families.

Beginning on June 28th, nursery will be available for ages 0-3 years old. Children's Church will be offered during the sermon. They will be dismissed by the pastor. Activities and lessons will be taught with physical distancing and hand sanitizing guidelines in place. Weather permitting, the kids will be taken outdoors, so plan ahead for sunscreen, hats, etc. If weather prohibits, the kids will be in the gym. 

Click here for a message from Teacher Sally about the reopening of children's ministries.