Our Staff
(pictured alphabetically below)

Telephone: 262.245.6294

Email: as listed (or simply click on a picture)

Senior Pastor

Chuck Cervenka, chuck@calvarycommunity.net

Ministry & Office (alphabetically)

Rob Bryant, Senior High Ministries Pastor, rob@calvarycommunity.net

Jim Colquhoun, Grounds/Facilities Manager, jim@calvarycommunity.net

Becky Eppley, Director of Ministry to Women and Connectedness, becky@calvarycommunity.net

Sally Eucker, Children's Ministries Director, sally@calvarycommunity.net

Bill Falcon, Technology Ministry Coordinator, bill@calvarycommunity.net

David F., Global Partnership Pastor, david@calvarycommunity.net

Jean Graf, Communications Director, jean@calvarycommunity.net

Tim Hanks, Counseling Ministries Pastor, caribbean4@hotmail.com

Bob Karlson, Technology/Maintenance, bob@calvarycommunity.net

Stephanie Klahorst, Counseling Ministries, stephanie@calvarycommunity.net

Sarah Lile, Financial Secretary, sarah@calvarycommunity.net

Kelly Lofy, Jr. High Ministries Pastor, kelly@calvarycommunity.net

Michelle Nickelsen, Worship Arts and Grounds/Facilities Administrative Assistant, michelle@calvarycommunity.net

Dan Nordsieck, Interim Operations Director, dan@calvarycommunity.net

Sue Shouder, Parish Nurse Ministries, dsshouder@gmail.com

Vicki Taylor, Purchasing and General Office Administrative Assistant, vicki@calvarycommunity.net

Fred Wissell, Part-time Custodian

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  • Rob Bryant

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  • Jim Colquhoun

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  • Becky Eppley

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  • sally eucker

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  • bill falcon

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  • jean graf

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  • tim hanks

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  • bob karlson

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  • sarah lile

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  • kelly lofy

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  • michelle nickelsen

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  • sue shouder

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  • vicki taylor

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  • Fred Wissell

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