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April 1

An Update from Jordan Nanda , dated March 28.  He is  doing a short-term internship with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Hi everyone,

The Coronavirus still hasn't hit Mexico as bad as I hear it is in the United States, but it has caused a lot of changes for my internship. All of the events that happen on the center here have been canceled – workshops, weekly groups/meetings, and other one-time events. Most of the missionaries who were staying in apartments on center have gone back to the United States, and many of the families who live nearby in town are trying to avoid contact. There's only one family still here and one other single besides Andrea and me, so it's almost like a ghost town. 

Most of the things that we had planned for the rest of my time here are cancelled to avoid unnecessary travel, but thankfully I still have work I'm able to do on the computer that is meaningful to Ricky's translation work and from which I am constantly learning things that will be helpful for me down the road. It is a little difficult to be doing only tasks on the computer all week, where before it was broken up by meals with missionaries, prayer groups and Bible studies, observing workshops, and excursions into nearby towns.

Please pray for me that I will still be able to be productive and get a lot out of my last few weeks. And pray that I will still be able to return on my flight back to WI on April 22nd and continue with the next steps this summer.

March 30

An Important request: 

This is a current request for help from our global partners Luke and Sarah Schrieber. They have been on furlough in Jacksonville, FL, which is his home town.  Now they need to relocate into our area before flying back to Mexico City. The items they need to take back to Mexico City are located in Elkhorn and their flight to Mexico City is from Chicago. 


They would prefer to move directly back into Sarah’s parent’s house (Jim and Barb Grunseth), but in order to protect them from any possible virus contact Luke and Sarah and the children need a quarantine house for a couple of weeks in WI.  Do you know of somewhere they may be able to stay? A second home of someone that is not being used? It would be a huge help.


Please contact them directly:  Luke Schrieber at (904) 601-6960

March 27

We have had partners return to the US early because of the virus:

  1. Hannah Thomas left Uganda before travel was suspended. She is home for the summer, returning to teach at a Christian school in Uganda in the fall.

  2. John and Jen Keller wrote:
    Jennifer and I, along with three other team members, evacuated Mongolia and returned to the U.S. two weeks ago, at the direction of our sending agency, The Navigators. It was difficult to leave our friends in Mongolia as they braced for the coronavirus. Please continue to pray with us for their protection and that God will use this crisis to significantly advance the Good News of Jesus.

    We are in good health and continue working remotely from Madison, Wisconsin, until such time that we can return to Mongolia. Our work includes ongoing contact for discipleship with our brothers and sisters in Mongolia and encouraging them to reach their friends, family and co-workers with the love of Jesus.

March 24

The threat and reality of the COVI-19 virus is forcing hard decisions by our overseas partners. Do we stay? Do we leave now? Is it safe to stay? Here are two amazing decisions:

  • Alea Haywood, in Uganda for her gap year, is working at a baby orphanage. She has decided to stay in place and complete her commitment, even as travel from Uganda to the U.S. is closed for now. This is a very mature and impressive decision for a 19-year-old young lady.
  • Ben and Kristin Choitz in Zambia wrote: “First, none of us are making any decisions based on fear. Second, we are called to stay put in all of our locations around the world for many reasons... one being that the mission is still on! This is our calling, in easy and tough times.” They are staying in place until they leave in late May for their planned furlough, if planes are flying.