Faith in Action

James tells us "faith without deeds is dead." How do we put our faith into action? 

Below are lings to organizations we have worked with at Calvary. All of them offer possibilities for engagement.

As well, the Faith in Action board in our lobby offers current, specific opportunities available locally. Be sure to stop by the board next time you're here to find a way to put feet to your faith!


"Justice" is a felt need in our world today, and a controversial topic. But what is justice, exactly, and who gets to define it? This video explores the biblical theme of Justice and how it is deeply rooted in the story line of the Bible that leads to Jesus.

A video from The Bible Project

(Un) Wanted

A short film (documentary) that seeks to raise awareness about the foster care crisis in Southeastern Wisconsin and throughout our nation.

A video from the Canaan Foundation, a film by Joey Papa