Our Story

In a small village on the shores of Williams Bay, a group of people have gathered for the past 100 years for one purpose: to know Christ and make Him known. July of 1921 marked a new beginning for believers in this modest community as they put their passion to work, renovating their small church building and transitioning away from services conducted in Swedish so they could reach their English-speaking neighbors.

Thus the Williams Bay Free Mission Church was born, which ultimately became known as Calvary Community Church.

Our congregation has seen many faces, held many names, and weathered many seasons, but the Spirit of God has preserved our passion through it all. 100 years later, we still want to know Christ and make Him known.

Historical Highlights

  • 1891 The church began as the Free Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner of Geneva and Williams Streets in Williams Bay, with services conducted in Swedish.
  • 1921 The church reorganized as the Williams Bay Free Mission Church. The building was enlarged and dedicated in July – we number our years from this event.
  • 1922 The name of the church was changed to Gospel Tabernacle. Soon, services would be conducted in English, with Swedish services held only on Sunday afternoons.
  • 1961 The church name was changed to Calvary Community Church.
  • 1971 The church voted to relocate to a larger site, selecting a five-acre tract of land at the corner of Highway 50 and Harris Road, a generous gift from Mr. Paul Brandel.
  • 1973 With great procession, the church relocated to the new site in July.
  • 1985 Ground was broken for a 25,000 sq. ft., 2-story education and gym addition.
  • 2015 A major renovation of the now more than 40-year-old structure was completed.
  • 2021 Centennial of Calvary Community Church!

Will You Become Part Of Our Story?