And the LORD answered me: Habakkuk 2:2a

How important is it to you to know that God speaks? Habakkuk has poured out his requests to God and is now waiting for the response, fully expecting that God will speak. And he does! God answered him. Please read and/or listen to Habakkuk 2:1-20 today. In these verses, we see God answering the clarifying questions that Habakkuk had raised. Habakkuk wanted these answers. That is why he waited expectantly for them. He was not only ready to receive the clarification, but he was also ready to allow the answers of God to shape his answers (final phase of 2:1). This is a key teaching for us to learn. I have been around people (perhaps even have done this myself) who ask a question and don’t like the answer, so they wait a little while and ask the question again. They may do this several times, each time knowing what the answer was, but waiting for the answer they themselves wanted. They are not ready to receive an answer that contradicts their understanding or desire. It can be like that with us and God. We can, like Habakkuk, seek to understand with greater clarity who God is and what he is doing, but we are not ready to embrace what he says and how he answers. He speaks to us. He is a God who speaks. He speaks through his word—the Bible. It teaches us to know him and his plan and his design. If you continue to struggle with understanding what is happening in your life right now, seek the Lord to see if it might be that you are not really ready to receive the answer God is giving you as to how this all fits into his plan. How can you set your heart to rejoice in the answer of the Lord?