I will take my stand at my watchpost and station myself on the tower, and look out to see what he will say to me, and what I will answer concerning my complaint. Habakkuk 2:1

How well do you wait as you anticipate the answer to a question you have asked? We live in a day and age of noise. Silence is avoided. Notice how many conversations you are part of where there is silence and notice how many times silence is uncomfortable for people—maybe you! We do not like to wait. Habakkuk shows us how to wait for the answer to clarifying questions. Wait. Watch. Expect. Anticipate. Notice that Habakkuk does not say, “I will go and talk to a bunch of my friends to see what they think you will say.” He is waiting for God to speak. That is one of the most amazing things to consider. No idol will speak. Our God is a God who speaks. He spoke creation into existence. He has spoken through his word. Habakkuk knows the word of the LORD. Jesus says that his sheep listen to his voice (John 10). If you are truly a follower of Jesus, you will know his voice and you will learn to listen to that voice. It is not that you sit and imagine what he might say, rather it is that you know what he has said in his word, and you know his nature and his character. You are walking in relationship with him aware of his presence in your life and you are living in a way that is not double-minded. You know his voice. You stop and you listen. You ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of the things you know to be true, and you seek the Lord for his answer, anticipating that it will come. There are times when you may need to seek the counsel of friends but spend that time in silence first. Cleanse your heart. Repent, confess, seek, anticipate.