Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. Habakkuk 1:5

How do you find yourself astounded by God? In this oracle that Habakkuk has recorded for us, we see God telling Habakkuk to “buckle up!” The words used for “wonder” and “astonished” can mean “amazed,” “stunned,” even “dumbfounded”! “Speechless”! God is about to reveal to Habakkuk an amazing response to his lament. Habakkuk rests in the LORD. We can see this in the way he approached God in his lament (1:2). “LORD” in all capitals is represents the awesome name of God that was intended to recognize his sovereignty and his covenant-keeping nature. He knew he could trust the LORD to do the right thing. God indicates that the right thing he is about to do will be unbelievably astounding. Just ponder that for a moment. Do you trust that God will do what is right? Have you defined what that is? Habakkuk had. As the oracle unfolds, we will see the collision between what is expected and what is to come, and we will see how this man who feared and loved his LORD will respond. It is exciting to anticipate. How can you look and see how God is working around you in your world and in the world? Are you astounded by the way he is working? Does it dumbfound you? Ask him to show you what he is doing and “buckle up!”