For behold, I am raising up the Chaldeans… Habakkuk 1:6a

Are you ready for a big surprise? “Behold!,” God declares to Habakkuk. Here is the response to your lament. God is raising up the Chaldeans. We read that and it really doesn’t mean much to us unless we have taken the time to unpack the history of the time when this letter was written. We are probably at about 610 BC. Assyria is in power. They have been vicious in their campaigns and life has been cheap. But a new power is going to rise up. The Babylonian empire, which began around 2,000 BC, but has been fairly quiet, is about to get loud. The Chaldeans are a tribal people who have settled in the southern part of Mesopotamia and have moved their way to take over the throne of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar’s father Nabopolassar’s son is leading the campaigns. He is beginning to conquer. God makes it clear to Habakkuk that God is the one who is raising up this new people for his purpose. In this we see, yet again, that God is sovereign over the nations. Every authority and power are under his authority and power. The Chaldeans are a wicked people. We will see that unfold. But God has raised them up and allows Habakkuk to see that this is the response to the lament. He is going to bring judgement upon his chosen people through a wicked world power. Consider the things that you see around you in the world and in your life. How does it impact you to know that God has authority and power over all things? How can embracing that bring you assurance during uncertainty?