Community is a challenge.

Mark 9:33-37

In this passage we see an important truth. People sin—even those who got to hang out with Jesus. You would have thought that these guys would be more holy, right!? The same thing applies to Christian community. We are not going to be perfect, because we are all people. We are selfish. We all sin. But that is not our identity. Our identity is not that we are sinners; therefore we don’t use it as an excuse. Our identity is in Christ; we are forgiven, children of God.

Because of our sin nature, we can become exclusive, judgmental, or even possessive of our community. We don’t allow others to join our community. This isn’t loving. It’s being exclusive. And, in a way, it is denying someone the privilege of being a part of the love of Christ that is found in community.

What is getting in the way of having authentic God-honoring Christian community in your life? Are you open to letting others join your community? Do you have a grievance with someone in this church community that needs to be addressed?