Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers.  James 1:16

More than a dozen times in his letter James calls the readers his family. The original word for “brothers” that is used here implies brothers and sisters. He is referring to the truth that in Christ we are all brothers and sisters—each of us who has come to be born again. I wonder if James thought about the time Jesus indicated who his real brothers and sisters were (Matthew 12:46-50)? More than any other analogy for the Church is the Church as a family. This is a key teaching in Scripture that can get lost if we are not careful. We, as the body of Christ, are family! We have each been adopted into the family of God. We have been born again into his family and he has called us his children. This calls us to care for each other as family, to help each other and to strive to strengthen each member of the family. It calls us to unity and focus on our mission, to care for those who have been struck down. We treat each one equally (remember no partiality in chapter 2). Consider this important teaching each time you read the word “brothers” in Scripture. How are you living out your life as a member of God’s family? How are you involved in the lives of your brothers and sisters? How are you helping to strengthen them along the way? What are your conversations about them?