Forgiven, Luke 5-6

When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” Luke 5:20

I try to picture the account of the man who was healed in 5:17-26. Jesus is teaching in what was, more than likely, a very large house. Some friends of a man who is paralyzed have brought him to be healed. They can’t get through the crowd, so they go through the roof. I love it! What a great picture. No wonder this is one of the most taught accounts in the Bible.

But I must be careful to catch what is taught. When this man gets before Jesus, Jesus forgives his sins. He gives the man eternal healing. The man still cannot walk (although in this case Jesus will heal that as well). But this man is forgiven, and he can be sure that, at some point in time, he will no longer be paralyzed. Jesus has healed the greater issue first. The point that impacts my heart is this: make every effort to find your way to Jesus so that you can receive forgiveness for your sin. If I have someone in my life who doesn’t know Jesus—and I do—I need to do whatever it takes to get that person to Jesus so they can be forgiven of their sins. Do something radical. Do something unexpected. Get to Jesus. Get others to Jesus. Don’t set my sights too low. Don’t ask Jesus to make me more comfortable here—ask for the greater healing. Seek forgiveness of sin and right standing with God.

Dear Father, thank you that Jesus has made forgiveness of sin possible and that I stand forgiven because of Him. Amen.