Centennial Generosity Campaign

How far would you go to make sure someone heard the gospel?

That’s the question we must ask ourselves as we launch the Centennial Generosity Campaign on Sunday, March 28. The truth is, this campaign is a lot less about a building and a lot more about people. Calvary Community Church is a group of faithful Christ followers who passionately proclaims the power of God’s kingdom in word and deed. Part of our strength as the body of Christ is that, in all things, we work together. Acts 2 says that early Christians pooled their resources for the good of others and the glory of God.

It is our hope and intention to emulate the example of the Acts 2 church as we move forward with the Centennial Generosity Campaign.

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Scope of Project

  • Objectives

    • Secure, centralized children’s area
    • AV in worship center
    • Convert basement under FH for Jr/Sr High
    • Convert nursery wing to classroom and counseling offices
    • Centralize staff in office
    • Enclose and enhance two entrances
    • Parking lot raised and paved
    • Garage addition
    • Acoustics in gym

  • Project Groups

    GROUP 1:

    • Children’s Area (lower gym) 
    • AV Needs
    • Lower Fellowship Hall
    • Classroom & Counseling

    GROUP 2:

    • Entrances & Fire Sprinklers
    • Parking Lot

    GROUP 3:

    • All Remaining Projects

  • Financing the Project

    TOTAL COST:  < $3,000,000

    Children’s Area (lower gym)  $492,000

    AV Needs  $200,000

    Lower Fellowship Hall  $134,000

    Classroom & Counseling $88,000

    TOTAL GROUP ONE:  $914,000

    Entrances & Fire Sprinklers  $964,000

    Parking Lot  $868,000

    TOTAL GROUP TWO:  $1,832,000

    Garage  $50,000

    Gym Partition & Acoustics  $40,000

    Cry Room  $40,000


    GRAND TOTAL:  $2,876,000