Gratitude, Luke 17-18

Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?” Luke 17:17

In this account, the grace of God is revealed though the healing power of the Holy Spirit flowing through Jesus, and ten lepers are healed. They stood far from Jesus, calling out to him, and asking to be healed. Nine of them, apparently, never experienced the joy of closeness to Jesus. One of them did. The one who experiences closeness with the Savior is the one who responds in gratitude. It causes me to wonder how I have responded to the healing that I have been given by the grace of God. I have been healed of a much greater devastation than leprosy. I have been cleansed completely from my sin that had me trapped in a desperate situation of despair and torment. I had no choice but to know God from a distance, but he healed me, rescued me, and saved me from myself, my sin, my shame, and my guilt. He spared my life and redeemed it by the sacrifice of his own. Have I been quick to come “praising God in a loud voice,” throwing myself at Jesus’ feet and thanking him? It is in so doing that I come closest to Him, adoring Him, prostrate at His feet. My life needs to be a life that is radiating gratitude. I am free to serve the King who loves me and has healed me.

Jesus, thank you for my salvation and my healing. Let me never ever cease to praise you and thank you for my rescue. Amen.