How to Study the Bible

Below are recordings of actual class sessions taught by Pastor Chuck in the winter of 2020.

Leon Morris, in the introduction of his commentary on John, says this: “I like the comparison of John’s Gospel to a pool in which a child may wade and an elephant can swim. It is both simple and profound. It is for the veriest beginner in the faith and for the mature Christian. Its appeal is immediate and never failing.”  Morris, Leon The Gospel According to John (Eerdmans, 1995) page 3

I think it is fair to say that this applies to all of Scripture! The newest believer can wade in to any passage, finding initial refreshment, and yet, as we grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus, we find ourselves drowning in the depth of the living word of God, finding each passage to be filled with greater truths about God. It is a vast ocean of the revelation of God—his nature and his plan.


Sadly, most will stay in the wading pool. I did for many years. There is enjoyment in the wading pool, but it should not be the final goal of the follower of Jesus. When I began to “dive in” to the depths of the word of God, I found him to be more amazing than I ever imagined in the shallow end. It is the depth of the knowledge of the love of God that draws me in to knowing the word he has left for us—the Bible. I have found the joy of allowing the Bible to read me instead of settling for me reading the Bible. It is living and active and the most exciting adventure there is—the adventure of discovering the God who made me and designed me to be for his pleasure, as I delight in him.


So, this is an invitation to “dive in” to the Bible. Come on in, the water is fine!