Hear, Luke 13-14

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Luke 14:34b

Are my ears ready to hear? Jesus is teaching in a powerful way in Luke, especially in these chapters. Many things that he is teaching leave me with the question of whether I am ready to put those things into practice. I consider the teaching of who to invite to a lunch or dinner (14:12-14). How often I am more inclined to have people over that I am comfortable with and close my eyes to those who have great need (those who are in physical need but also those who are without Christ). As God, Jesus can teach perfectly. But learning, in many ways, depends much more on the student than on the teacher. What kind of student am I? Am I ready to learn all that Jesus has to teach or am I more open to cherry-picking—looking only to the teachings that are easy or that I agree with? It is the identifying characteristic of a disciple to follow and learn. A disciple asks what the next step of obedience is. Obedience is the path of a disciple. A disciple of Jesus gives up every distraction so that they may learn from him (14:33). I carefully consider this truth: If I allow myself to be distracted from Jesus, I am a disciple of that which distracts me, and I will learn from that distraction. So, what is it that distracts me from Jesus? That is what I must put to death in my life so that I can learn from him (Matthew 11:28-30). I must resolve to passionately follow Jesus as one of His disciples with ears that are ready to hear all He is teaching.

Dear Lord Jesus, please help me focus my love and devotion on you. Help me put off everything that would keep my ears from being ready to hear. Help me be a fully devoted disciple. Help me readily see what is distracting me. I long to be distracted by you instead of from you. Amen.