Judges 18-19

“They continued to use the idols Micah had made, all the time the house of God was in Shiloh.”                                                                                                                                                  Judges 18:31

The Israelites have moved very, very far from God. They have acted in their own strength to take a city for themselves because they wanted a place to live. They chose a spot far from protection and routed the city in their own strength without a mention of God. While it seems that they have sought to have a priest of the Lord, they have actually chosen a priest who is presiding over idols made by a man. They steal the priest and the idols by using human reasoning and then set up a city for themselves to do as they wish. They establish a city that becomes a primary cult center, in opposition to the place that God had chosen as the place of worship for the Israelites. In effect, the city had been destroyed so that another cult could take its place. This was not at all the intent of the conquest of the land. The conquest was to be a judgment on those who worshiped false gods so that the worship of the one true God would fill the land. I must realistically understand that relying on myself and my power and my understanding will never lead me to worship of God. It will lead me to set up idols in my life and I will replace the worship of God with the worship of something I have made and accomplished. It will draw me away from my beautiful Savior.

Dear LORD, I weep as I read these chapters. It causes me to consider the ways that I am tempted to continue to use the idols that have been set up in my life. I am sure I do not even realize all of them. Please reveal them to me and help me destroy them. Amen