O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear? Or cry to you “Violence!” and you will not save? Habakkuk 1:2

Does God really hear us when we shout out to him in the midst of pain? Please read and or listen to the book of Habakkuk today. It is 56 verses in length and it can get a little hard to read because of the genre that it is written in, but ask the Lord to help you understand as you read! The burden (oracle) that Habakkuk was given to share was presented as a conversation that he had with the Lord. The revelation that he had been given to share with the people of Judah was brought about as he put his voice to their complaint. There is a timeless nature to the message of this amazing oracle. While the application is timeless, it is best understood as we examine the events that caused Habakkuk to express his lament and to rest in the unexpected answer from God. The book starts with a lament. It is a lament that seems to indicate that Habakkuk had been having this conversation with the Lord for a while. How long should he keep crying out to the Lord with no answer apparently coming? Lament is a rich, biblical language. It is a language that is rooted in trust. It is much different from despair. Despair is the language of pain devoid of hope. Lament is the language of pain that manages by faith to remain fixed in hope—even when the answer does not appear to be coming. Are there any situations in your life that are calling you to cry out? Are you crying out in despair or lament? How can your faith hold you in the assurance of hope?