LORD, Psalms 3-4

O LORD, how many are my foes! Psalm 3:1

As David cries out to the Lord in this and so many other psalms, it is important to realize he is not crying out to God as a cold and distant Creator. Rather, he is calling out to God by name. This is significant to understand. When “LORD” appears in all caps, it refers to the name of God as given to Moses (Ex 6:2). “Jehovah” is a misleading English transliteration of this, the only revealed name of God. The name revealed is YHWH. The very pronunciation of this name is hypothetical, because it is uncertain what vowels go with it. So the name revealed is unable to be pronounced. It came to a point where “Adonai” was the word that was used to mention the unpronounceable name of God. And yet, this is a deeply personal cry from David. He is calling out to God by name. David reveals the intimate relationship that can be lived out with God. This is like me crying out, “Abba, Father.” In the midst of his lament, he cries out to his Father, knowing that his Father is listening, is with him, and is able to deliver. Whenever I see “LORD” in my Bible, I need to think of the very name of God, and pause to think of the greatness of that name. I must learn to revere the name—“hallowed be Thy name,” and at the same time, remember the intimacy that is available because of that name.

O LORD, please overwhelm me with the fact that you have revealed your name to me as a Father and that you are ready to hear my cries. Help me be ever more intimate with you. Amen.