Loved Much, Luke 7-8

Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—for she loved much. Luke 7:47

The way Jesus responds to Simon in Luke 7:36-50 is worth thinking about for a moment. The attitude of Simon reveals that if I see myself as being better than I am, I will miss the gift of forgiveness and be unable to love Jesus because I have not fully seen my need for His love. However, the attitude of the woman in this story displays a heart that understands the depth of its sinfulness and is swept away in love that transcends the trappings of this world. When I reach this same point, I can connect with Jesus at the level he longs for, as I embrace the forgiveness offered through His amazing grace. I will know his presence in my life. The person who recognizes the greatness of the debt that has been paid by the sacrifice of Christ will be far more in love with him. I praise God that he has revealed to me the depth of my sin. I am overwhelmed with the depth of my depravity. And yet, as I have sought forgiveness from God, I have felt the release that comes from his forgiveness and the love that sparks my love in response. Considering my sin—and the separation from God that has come as a result—has caused me to truly repent and ask for cleansing forgiveness. Receiving that totally undeserved forgiveness has created a clean heart in me. It has crushed my heart of stone. By God’s grace, I have been given a contrite heart—a broken heart—that God revives as He comes to live in my heart (Isaiah 57:15)!

Jesus, may I be swept away by your amazing love that has allowed me to be forgiven. Take away any pride that would keep me from the type of loving response that this dear woman showed to you. Amen.