But I, by your great mercy, will come into your house; in reverence will I bow down toward your holy temple. Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies—make straight your way before me. Psalm 5:7-8

Would you please read this amazing morning psalm again today? I trust that as we are looking at it together you are finding a richness to it as you read. We left off yesterday realizing that there is no way that we can come to a holy God in perfect holiness. Yet, in Christ we have been declared righteous. In that way we are positionally holy as we come before God. But we each know that as hard as we may try, we still bring sin with us. David realized the same and then rejoiced that he was able to enter the presence of God—by God’s mercy. The King James Version declares it is “in the multitude of thy mercy” that David says he can come into the presence of God. Mercy here translates the original word ‘hesed”.This is the covenant keeping, never changing, long suffering, lovingkindness of God. Because of this multitude of mercy David bows down in awe—in reverence. He knows that as he prays, he is on holy ground. He is in the presence of the Almighty. He is now ready to bring his first request. All that has preceded has been a preparation of his heart to ask for that which he longed for—he wants God to lead him. He wants to be led in righteousness because of his enemies. I am not sure what his enemies were, but I know mine. I know the things that keep me from allowing God to lead me in his righteousness. Because of those enemies I need to have great focus on God’s leading in my life. So do you. We must come broken before the One who will lead us to the place of quiet waters. We must stay on that straight path and urgently, persistently, and expectantly ask for God to keep us on that straight path.