A Vision For Our Community

Acts 2:42-47 describes the early church as a unified group of believers who were committed to moving the gospel forward in their context. As we enter our centennial year, it is clear that Calvary Community Church has been committed to knowing Christ and making Him known, just like the church in Acts. Our last 100years is a heritage of outreach and obedience that we want to carry into our next 100 years. Part of building that heritage means positioning ourselves for what’s ahead. The year 2020 showed us several things:

  • the power of the internet to spread the gospel
  • the purpose of community in a divided world
  • the priority of discipling the next generation

It is for these reasons that the leadership of Calvary presents you with the vision for our Centennial Building Project.


A Vision For Our Space

We are committed to making disciples who make disciples. With a growing number of disciples, there comes a growing need for resources. Objectives:

  • Secure spaces for children, junior high, and senior high ministries
  • Enclose and enhance two building entrances
  • Parking lot raised and paved with a garage addition
  • Centralize staff offices and convert nursery wing to counseling office
  • Improve acoustics in gymnasium
  • Upgrade and enhance AV in Worship Center

How do these objectives help us further the gospel?

  1. Secure spaces for children, junior high, and senior high ministries will ensure safety for our children while increasing the amount of individuals who can engage with us.
  2. Enclosing and enhancing the building entrances makes us more accessible to individuals with physical handicaps and to families with small children.
  3. Improving our parking creates a more hospitable and accessible environment for our community.
  4. Converting the nursery wing to a counseling office and adding a new adult smart classroom will allow us to have online classes available.
  5. Improving acoustics in the gymnasium will elevate the hospitality of our space to those in our community.
  6. The AV upgrade and enhancement in our Worship Center will enhance our ability to engage with a growing population of online attendees who join us every week.

The AV addition to our Worship Center will be priority since 40% of our current attenders do so by engaging online.



A Vision For Our Unity

There’s no denying it; the Centennial Building Project won’t happen without you. The total cost for this project is estimated to be $2,876,000.00. We will have a generosity campaign that will raise funds to help meet this estimate and we are committed to having money pledged or in-hand before we proceed with construction. Our congregation has graciously approved the plans to move ahead with the campaign that will secure the needed funds. There will be a congregational meeting held on Sunday, February 21 at 5:00 pm where we will share the details of the campaign and next steps regarding the upgrade of our Worship Center. As we move forward with expectation in the days ahead, we ask that you will join us in prayer for wisdom, unity, and generosity. If you have any questions, please contact Keith Pollek who has kindly stepped forward to lead the Centennial Generosity Campaign Team.

Centennial Generosity Campaign Commitment

This commitment is given with the following in mind:

• It is not binding in the event that my financial situation changes.
• It spans the next three years, over and above regular tithes and offerings.
• It will be given the same level of confidentiality as other giving opportunities.
• I will receive an account of my gift in my annual giving statement.