The following is a reflection by Karen H. Jobes in her commentary on Esther. We will close our study with her reflection and challenge.

Perhaps, like Esther, you have been brought to this moment in your life by circumstances over which you had no control, combined with flawed decisions you made along the way. Perhaps instead of living for God, you have so concealed your Christian faith that no one would even identify you as a Christian. Then suddenly you find yourself facing calamity, either in the circumstances of your life with others or just within your own inner emotional world. Regardless of the straits you find yourself in, turn to the Lord. Rend your heart, not your garment; “fast, weep, and mourn,” and return to the Lord your God. His purposes are greater than yours. And who knows? Perhaps you have come to your present situation for such a time as this.

Remember, whatever has happened, is happening, or will happen in your life is an opportunity for you to allow your story to declare the glory of God!