Praying for Calvary Ministries

Join us in a special week set aside for prayer as we start the year 2023.

Adult Bible Fellowships

  • Living Faithfully
    Pray that close personal relationships will be formed as we fellowship each week. Pray that each attender learns not only solid Biblical truth but also that God and others love them.
  • Cornerstone
    Pray that the current teaching of Ecclesiastes would be applied to the lives of those attending the class. Pray for the development of deeper community within the ABF and for new participants who have joined. Pray that they would share the love of Christ with a homeless couple the class has been assisting with housing and other basic needs.
  • Practical Theology
    Pray that we could grow in fellowship as we learn more about the character of God and live out our love for Him in practical ways.

Children’s Ministries

Pray that children would come to know Christ as Savior and that those who know him would grow in this relationship to know Him more intimately

Compassion Ministries

  • Clothing Outreach Center
    Pray for opportunities to witness to clients and some of the workers. Pray that those who have needs will find the center.
  • Food in a Backpack
    Pray for the 78 students currently receiving food every week. Pray for their families. Pray for the staff and the continued partnership with Williams Bay Elementary, Central Denison, and Eastview schools.


Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to grant wisdom, discernment, clarity, grace, mercy, encouragement, and healing as we share paths, as HIS ambassadors, with the individuals, couples, and families we meet with.

  • GriefShare
    Pray that unbelievers who attend would be receptive to the gospel and that there would be a sense of safety and deep connection as people share.


Pray that the deaconess team will always be the “hands and feet” of Christ as they come alongside the church fellowship in times of need and celebration. Pray that they can encourage the church family to join with the deaconesses as they support ongoing needs in the fellowship (compassion food bags, food pantry, individual family meals for medical need, and celebration of life meals).


Pray for wisdom and discretion in identifying and coming alongside those who need help within the church. Pray for the people who come to the church for help; pray that they will know the love of Jesus.


Pray that the Encore Ministries team will have wisdom about offering educational and fellowship opportunities that help those age 60 and better grow spiritually.

Global Partners

Please be in prayer for the short-term mission teams: for the planning and people. Pray for wisdom as the board looks at the work during their Vision and Strategy Retreat.

Parish Nurses

Pray for wisdom for organization of the ministry and for it to be what the Lord desires as they are used as His instruments. Pray also for communication and an awareness of those who need a touch from this ministry.

Student Ministries

Pray for the winter trips happening this month for both junior (January 27-29, Arctic Blast) and senior high (January 13-15, Districts), and the growth opportunities that these provide for students.

Pray that students would grow and mature in their faith this year! That they would be bold in their faith and develop a biblical worldview.

Women’s Ministries

Pray that women will continue to grow in their longing to know Christ more intimately and will form relationships that support, encourage, and challenge each other as they faithfully run the race.

  • Divorce Care
    Pray that women in need will be led to the class and understand that, while they cannot see or control what is happening, God knows, sees, and has a plan for them, which includes coming to him. Pray that the facilitators would shower love and guidance on each woman, being an example of how following God’s Word will turn the worst thing into the best.
  • Family Grace
    Pray that participants grow in wisdom in the challenges they face as they support their loved ones with mental health challenges.

Worship Ministries

Pray that worship will continue to draw people into closer relationship with Jesus as the church gathers each week.

Pray that a strong community will be created within the teams we lead and let those overflow into everyone with whom we come into contact.