… the reverse occurred.  Esther 9:1

Please read and or listen to Esther 3-8 today, looking for the reversals. Remember that the pivot point of peripety is found in 6:1. Peripety means there is a reversal. Look for the reversals, found in chapters 6 and 8, from what occurred in chapters 3-5. It is important to do this so that you can see God’s hand working, even though it may seem he is hidden. The book of Esther allows us to consider that God is working in everyday ways to bring about his plan. It is not always through miraculous events that the plan of God unfolds. In fact, most times, it is through the unfolding of situations and circumstances that he has patiently woven together, working within our free will. Which reversals do you see? The ring going to Haman and then to Mordecai? Haman summoning the scribes and then Mordecai summoning the scribes? The Jews decreed to be killed and then the enemies of the Jews to be killed? So many others. Take some time today to look at the reversals in Esther and then think about the reversals you have seen in your life. A pivot point of peripety for you may have been when you were born again. God moved in your life and drew you to himself and saved you. What changed in your life? Were there other times when God moved in power in your life and the circumstances that you thought were overwhelming were, in fact, positioning you to be used by God in a powerful way? Look for how God is moving. He is. Be certain of that. Look to see where and join him there! Don’t resist his hand in your life, even if it seems confusing at the time. Its purpose will come to clarity!