Simple, Mocker, Fool

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech: “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Proverbs 1:20-22

Who are the people that reject wisdom? Read Proverbs 1:20-33 today. Solomon declares that wisdom makes herself known. It is not that wisdom is to be considered a woman literally. Rather, in Hebrew, the word for wisdom is feminine grammatically. It is from this that Solomon personifies wisdom. There are three types of sinners who reject godly wisdom. The “simple” (14:15) is one who is gullible and naïve. They believe anything but look deeply into nothing. They are easily led astray. The “mocker” (21:24) is one who thinks they know everything and laughs at the things that truly matter. The “fool” (18:2) is one who is dull and stubborn and ignorant of the truth. They have a lack of desire to engage spiritually with God. They have no interest in the eternal, are focused on the material things, and have a humanistic outlook. They do not realize they are foolish; yet they enjoy their foolishness. They seem to be the overwhelming voice of the current narrative. Wisdom is crying out in the public square for all who will listen. Are you listening to the call of godly wisdom? In what ways do you reject godly wisdom?