Worship Plus Two

A sermon series and vision for the fall of 2020

This year, we are seeking to know from God’s Word, in new ways, what it means to walk by faith, learning to walk during uncertainties in the confidence of God - who he is, and his presence in our lives. Faith is believing what God has said about who he is. It is trusting in him in all situations. It is relying on him in every circumstance. 

Grace is God reaching into our world to give us what we do not deserve—salvation. Mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve—punishment. Paul speaks of both in Romans, but in 12:1-8, after the benediction proclaiming the greatness of God, he leads us to understand what we need to do in light of God’s mercy:

Worship. Grow. Serve.

First, we worship (Romans 12:1).

We ascribe worth to God. We seek to be in constant awareness of his presence, ever looking to worship him in spirit and in truth. We learn to worship him in every moment of the day, so that we can come together to worship him in our services.

Second, we grow (Romans 12:2).

We renew our minds. We realize that our old selves are conformed to the pattern of this world and so they cause us to think according to the world. God’s desire and design, in light of his mercy, is that we would be transformed by renewing the way we think. We seek to have biblical input as opposed to antibiblical input into our minds.

Finally, we serve (Romans 12:3-8).

We serve from an understanding that we are children of God, followers of Jesus, who have been rescued and ransomed so that we can serve our God and others. We each have been given gifts with which to serve. The exciting part is to find out what you have been gifted to do and then doing that for the glory of the Lord.

So, Worship Plus Two.

Worship plus two means weekly gathering to worship, weekly getting involved in an opportunity where you can grow with at least one other person, and weekly finding a way to use your gift to serve in the body of Christ, whether in the building or in the community.

Knowing Christ...

Making Him Known

At Calvary Community Church, we are committed to loving God and passionately reaching into the world with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by encouraging one another to know Him and serve Him.

Jesus... Our Heritage and Our Hope

For more than a hundred years, men, women, and children have given their time, talents, energy, and resources to ensure the ongoing ministry of Calvary Community Church  - and countless souls have been won through those who have ministered here. 

In 2021, we will celebrate our centennial, remembering that our heritage and our hope is Jesus.

Historical Highlights

  • 1891 The church began as the Free Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner of Geneva and Williams Streets in Williams Bay, with services conducted in Swedish.

  • 1921 The church reorganized as the Williams Bay Free Mission Church. The building was enlarged and dedicated in July - we number our years from this event.

  • 1922 The name of the church was changed to Gospel Tabernacle. Soon, services would be conducted in English, with Swedish services held only on Sunday afternoons.

  • 1961 The church name was changed to Calvary Community Church.

  • 1971 The church voted to relocate to a larger site, selecting a five-acre tract of land at the corner of Highway 50 and Harris Road, a generous gift from Mr. Paul Brandel.

  • 1973 With great procession, the church relocated to the new site in July.

  • 1985 Ground was broken for a 25,000 sq. ft., 2-story education and gym addition.

  • 2015 A major renovation of the now more than 40-year-old structure was completed.

  • 2021 Centennial of Calvary Community Church!

Located in Williams Bay, at the corner of Highway 50 and Harris Road, Calvary Community Church (Evangelical Free Church of America) has served the people of Walworth County, proclaiming Christ and the gospel, since 1921. Sunday worship services, Bible studies, midweek activities, and programs for all ages are available.

Whoever you are and whatever you are going through, you are important to God and to us. God never intended for us to walk life's journey alone. At Calvary Community Church, we are family. We seek to have God reveal Himself in every situation as we journey together. Our goal is that each of us will engage with God in such a way that His love and the love of His Son overwhelm us and change us into the people He wants us to be!